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Delos fund

The Delos Fund is an exceptional venture capital investment opportunity that focuses on investing in the Delos Company, a leader in Wellness Solutions and Products for Healthy Spaces.


The Fund is committed to providing investors with the chance to participate in the growth and development of Delos. As an equity-focused investment, the Delos Fund’s cashflows are reduced quarterly, to generate an internal rate of return greater than 30% and an equity multiple of 2.5.

The overall strategy of the Delos Fund is to fuel the expansion of the Delos Corporation by increasing the number of projects and securing additional contracts in the military and healthcare space. By expanding the company’s reach, the Fund expects that returns will increase quarterly. The Delos Company’s focus on wellness solutions and products for healthy spaces is an area of significant growth potential. With more and more companies recognizing the importance of providing healthy environments for their employees, the market for Delos’ solutions is expected to continue to expand.

Investing in the Delos Fund offers an opportunity to be a part of this exciting growth story. With the Delos Company’s track record of success and focus on innovation, investors can be assured that their investment is in capable hands.


The Delos Fund’s strategy of expanding the Delos Corporation and securing additional contracts in the military and healthcare space is expected to generate exceptional returns for investors. Overall, the Delos Fund is an excellent investment opportunity for those seeking to participate in the growth of a dynamic and innovative company in the wellness industry.

Fund details

Fund raise:  $10M

Target IRR:  30%

Investment type: Venture capital

Offer Availability: 11 / 2022 - 01 / 2023

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