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Ovalia fund

The Ovalia Fund’s primary goal is to provide investors with an equity-focused option that aims to increase overall returns. While the quarterly cashflow may be reduced, the internal rate of return is increased, ensuring that investors receive higher returns on their investment. One of the key benefits of investing in the Ovalia Fund is the diversification it provides, as the fund is comprised of a portfolio of seven properties. Although investors’ money is spread across all the properties, they own equity in each one and are entitled to all the profits, as well as the tax benefits of real estate ownership.

The Ovalia Fund’s strategy involves identifying undervalued apartment properties and unlocking their full potential by renovating them and then selling the apartments for a profit. This approach has proven to be successful, providing investors with increased returns without taking on additional risk. The fund’s focus on apartment properties is particularly beneficial as the demand for rental apartments continues to rise, making it a stable investment choice.

Additionally, the Ovalia Fund provides an opportunity for investors to grow their wealth faster while minimizing their risk exposure. This is especially attractive to investors looking for a balanced investment option that can offer solid returns. As an equity-focused real estate apartment fund, the Ovalia Fund offers investors a unique opportunity to own a diversified portfolio of properties while maximizing their potential returns.

Overall, the Ovalia Fund is an excellent choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and accelerate their wealth growth. The fund’s focus on apartment properties, proven track record, and commitment to providing increased returns without taking on additional risk make it an ideal investment option for those seeking to make the most of their money.

Fund details

Fund raise:  $20M

Target IRR:  15 - 18%

Investment type: Apartments

Offer Availability: 07 / 2019 - 07 / 2021

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