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Last week, we were having a meeting with all our investors about a property we were working on. During that meeting, somebody asks a great question. They said, “What is the best part of investing in apartment real estate? What’s the most unique thing that differentiates it from other asset classes, such as stocks and bonds and single-family homes? What’s really the best part?”

I thought about it for a while, but then it became obvious. The best part is the teamwork approach. You see, high-return apartment real estate investing requires a team approach. It’s about specialized people who come in as a team to work on a property to make sure that it produces the returns it needs to produce- because we know it’s important to investors like you.

There’s someone who specializes in finance. 

There’s someone who specializes in asset management.

There are people who specialize in finding the deals and making sure that the construction is done well and there are people who specialize in the rehabilitation of the property. 

It’s the team approach that really makes the property appreciate and gain value rapidly.

Investors are an important part of this team. We work with our investors to help get them above average returns because we’re investors too. We understand they want to make smart investing choices because It’s what we want, too. When we work with the apartment real estate complexes, we work with teams to make sure that the property does well. It’s that simple.

Investing on your own in a single-family home where you’re one person acquiring, financing, and rehabbing on your own always results in a weak investment (and untold amounts of hours and stress).

We want to build strong investments. Here, it’s a whole group, a whole village of people that are working on one property. 

That’s the best part. It’s the team approach of highly specialized people that make sure that the returns are what they’re supposed to be. Investors experience incredible results without needing to wear ten different hats.


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