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Anyone with the capital and desire can invest in apartment real estate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will succeed. Savvy investors take a strategic and calculated approach to multifamily investing to reduce risks and increase the likelihood of high returns.


Savvy investors know that setting goals is the only way to succeed with anything in life, especially multifamily real estate investments. 

Setting clear goals is the first step when making any investment. Goals should have:

  • Timeframes: How long you will hold a property.

  • Realistic expectations: Based off of data and logic – not gut feelings.

Goals essentially serve as roadmaps. They help you make smart decisions, and they also help you know when it’s time to exit an investment.


Successful real estate investing means knowing and understanding the market. This may mean focusing on a market in a particular geographic area, or it can mean staying abreast of current trends in the multifamily market.

The goal with any real estate investment is to generate high returns, and the best way to do that is to really know the market as well as the region’s:

  • Unemployment rate

  • Economy 

  • Current and projected conditions

When you know what signals to look for in a market, it’s much easier to spot opportunities.


It’s easy to get caught up in emotion with investments. You may fall in love with a multifamily property, and your emotions can easily cloud your judgement. If you give in to emotion, you may ignore red flags and wind up with a bad investment.

Savvy investors know better than to fall into the emotion trap. They make their decisions based on logic and data. 

They create a plan and then find a property that fits that plan – not the other way around.


Many new real estate investors try to tackle everything on their own, and that can be especially stressful when dealing with multifamily properties that require a lot of time and effort. But savvy investors know that it’s important to bring in help.

Trying to wear too many hats can quickly lead to burnout and cause you to make bad decisions.

Many multifamily real estate investors have mentors, supportive professional friends and other professional contacts that can assist with their investments. It takes a team to make a multifamily investment succeed. 


Many new investors enter the game assuming that real estate investments are a quick and easy way to make money. But multifamily real estate is just like any other investment – it comes with risks.

Savvy investors understand that there are risks in multifamily properties and they adjust their business plans to mitigate these risks.


Savvy investors have a plan, and they only invest in properties that fit into their plan. They know the risks, and they check their emotions at the door. 

It takes time to get this level of experience and knowledge, but learning from those who have succeeded can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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